Transport of radioactive material

Arrangment of shipment of nuclear material and radioactive substances has been Sosny Company’s traditional service since 1992. We arrange shipments in compliance with the international (IAEA’s SSR-6) and national (Russian NP-053-16) regulations for the safe transport of radioactive material, and other regulatory documents. Material which is usually subject to transport includes:

  • Fresh and irradiated nuclear material of Russian-origin subject to import from abroad under the international RRRFR program, and
  • Irradiated nuclear fuel from Russian nuclear centers or power plants.

 The experts of our Transportation Department perform the following scope of preparatory work:

  • Develop procedures and perform inspection of the radioactive material,
  • Review inventory and condition of transport equipment,
  • Develop optimum transport plans,
  • Arrange shipment certification process,
  • Develop and fabricate equipment for safe loading the spent fuel into transport casks and shipment, and
  • Study radiation impact on the personnel, the public and the environment during the transport of radioactive material.

Sosny R&D Company has many spent fuel assemblies delivered from Russian NPPs to the Dimitrovgrad Research Institute of Atomic Reactors for post-irradiation examinations on its credit. More than 60 SFAs have been shipped from Russian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian NPPs, as well as the experimental and standard SFAs from propulsion reactors of the Russian nuclear powered icebreakers.

Since 2002, the Sosny Company has been an active participant of the International Program on Russian Research Reactor Fuel Return (RRRFR Program).

In recent years, the Sosny Company’s shipment services mainly relates to the domestic transport of the spent fuel from research and power-grade reactors to a reprocessing plant.

Since 2016, the Sosny Company’s experts has participated in the MNSR Conversion and Take-Back Program aimed at the fuel removal to the country of origin, i.e. China.



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