Technologies and equipment for nuclear industry

Sosny R&D Company develops and fabricates non-standard equipment for nuclear facilities and other industries including:

  • Equipment for nuclear power plants, buildings and complexes accommodating nuclear research reactors, nuclear installations and nuclear material storage facilities,
  • Equipment for nuclear fuel fabrication,
  • Equipment for SNF radiochemical reprocessing,
  • Transport packagings for radioactive material shipment

and other non-standard equipment based on the drawings prepared by the Sosny Company’s specialists or the customer-provided drawings.

The Design Engineering Department of Sosny R&D Company consists of 58 people. Most of our design engineers have higher vocational education and at least five (5) years of relevant professional experience.

The main task of our design engineers is to develop design documents in compliance with the customer’s requirements as well as the Russian standards, rules and regulations. The Chief Engineer manages development of the design and technical documents at Sosny R&D Company. All design documents are prepared using the certified software including CAD systems: ASCON KOMPAS-3D; Solidworks; ANSIS 12.0; Micro Shield 8 and MCU‑RFFI/A.

The equipment based on our design documentation is fabricated at the Sosny Company’s Pilot Production Facility or other Russian plants. On completion of the factory acceptance trials our specialists supervise the equipment assembling on the customer’s site, perform its adjustment and acceptance testing on the operating site, and also provide warranty services.

Most significant recent projects:


Our Process Engineering Department performs the following tasks:

  • Develop technologies for preparing the spent fuel (including damaged, non-conforming and leaky one) of the research and power-grade reactors for transportation to the reprocessing or storage plant, and procedures for handling the radioactive waste,
  • Contract management and technical support for equipment development and fabrication for nuclear facilities, and
  • Develop technical documentation on non-standard equipment for handling the spent fuel and radioactive waste.

Our technologies envision development of the equipment for handling spent fuel and radioactive waste (reloading, loading into transport casks, etc.). Sosny R&D Company has successfully completed a number of such projects:




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