Safety analyses of technology and equipment


Nuclear and radiation safety is one of the key aspects in developing technologies, procedures and equipment for handling the spent fuel and radioactive waste. A wide range of engineering calculations is dictated by a necessity to comply with applicable safety requirements and regulations. These analysis and calculation tasks are entrusted to the Safety Analysis Division.

 The Division deals with the following activities:

  • Calculations to justify nuclear safety using the software for Monte Carlo simulations,
  • Calculations to justify radiation safety using the software for Monte Carlo simulations and the software to numerically solve empirical equations,
  • SNF isotope abundance calculations,
  • Strength calculations of equipment structures under static, seismic, cyclic and dynamic load,
  • Calculations to choose kinematic chain elements (reduction mechanisms, gears, etc.),
  • Thermal analysis and hydraulic analysis of the equipment,
  • Fire safety analysis of electric installations (fire probability analysis),
  • Mathematical modeling of physical and chemical processes,
  • Preparation of process safety analysis reports, and
  • Expert assessment of the documents validating nuclear and radiation safety.

 The experts of the Safety Analysis Division use state-of-the-art software at their work, such as Ansys, Ls DYNA, SolidWorks FS, MCU-RFFI/A, Microshield, Scale 6.1.2, Origen Arp, TDMCC, MMKFK-2. Moreover, the Sosny R&D Company cooperates with the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) Data Bank to get an access to specialized computer programs.

 The predicted results are validated by full scale experiments, whenever required, and further they are used as initial data for safety analysis reports. More than once, the documents issued by the Safety Analysis Division were positively assessed by experts of the regulatory authorities of Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Hungary, Slovenia, Viet Nam and other countries.

 All experts of the Division go through a regular qualification procedure in due order and have corresponding certificates.



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