Participation of Sosny R&D Company in International Research Reactor Fuel Take-Back Programs

A. Ivashchenko

Technical Meeting on Lessons Learned from High Enriched Uranium Take-back Programms, Gdansk, Poland,  17–20 June 2019


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  • The irradiated fuel from the Russian-supplied research reactors located at various countries in Africa, Asia and Europe is imported to the Russian Federation under the international repatriation program (RRRFR Program). 
  • MNSR Conversion and Removal Program is for high enriched uranium removal from the Chinese-built Miniature Neutron Source (MNSR) reactors located at Ghana, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan and Syria for further return to the People's Republic of China.  
  • Each program is aimed at reduction of the global terrorism threat and nuclear weapon proliferation risks.
  • Sosny Research and Development Company has been involved in various projects under the RRRFR Program since 2002 and the MNSR Conversion Program since 2015. 
  • Within its scope of work under the projects Sosny R&D Company develops technologies and equipment for safe SNF handling and loading into transport casks, both for conforming and damaged spent fuel. We also develop transport packages and equipment for SNF shipment by all conveyances.



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