Equipment and Technologies for Safe Preparation and Shipment of MNSR Fuel


A. Ivashchenko, M. Budu, A. Samsonov, S. Kashkirov, A. Denisov, S. Komarov

The 11th Technical Meeting on Lessons Learned from High Enriched Uranium Take-back Programmes, Tbilisi, Georgia, 19–22 June 2017


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The TUK-145/C package with new basked to accommodate a MNSR core and fuel pins (together licensed as TUK-145/C-MNSR) was accepted as most appropriate to ship HEU MNSR fuel to People’s Republic of China since it allows expediting the shipment duration (by air instead of sea), reducing third countries transit challenges, optimizing the physical protection and emergency arrangements and assuring at the same time the highest level of safety required by IAEA regulations for radioactive materials packages.

A fully automated remote-controlled Interim Transfer Cask (ITC) to remove the MNSR core from the reactor and load it in the TUK-145/C-MNSR package and other equipment were developed for the safe handling of MNSR fuel at reactor sites.


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