Assessment of Radiation Risk to Personnel and Public For Shipment of Spent Fuel of EGP-6 Reactor Facility From the Bilibino NPP to Mayak PA For Reprocessing


A. Detkina, O. Barinkov, A. Dorofeev,  S. Semenovykh, A. Tselishchev, M. Orlov (Sosny R&D Company, Russia), A. Stroganov, A. Kuryndin, A. Shapovalov (SEC NRS, Russia)

PATRAM-2013, August 18-23, 2013, San Francisco, USA

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This paper presents the results of assessment of radiation risk to the personnel and public for scheduled shipment of the spent nuclear fuel (SNF) of EGP-6 Reactor Facility (RF) from Bilibino NPP to Mayak PA for reprocessing on completion of the Bilibino NPP operation in 2019.
The radiation risks under normal conditions and hypothetical accident conditions were assessed for the purpose of determining the possibility of safe shipment of the EGP-6 RF SNF in compliance with the Radiation Safety Standards (NRB-99/2009), preferable transport packagings and routes for shipment by road, rail, air or sea. The assessment of individual and collective effective doses, individual and summarized radiation risks to the personnel and public and possible radiation contamination of the environment were analyzed to develop recommendations on the safest procedure for shipment of the EGP-6 RF SNF.

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