Automated System for Post-Irradiation Examinations of BN-800 Spent Fuel Elements


A. Lachugin, A. Kostyuchenko, V. Pimonov (Sosny R&D Company), A. Kryukov (Afrikantov OKBM)

Nuclear Measurement and Information Technologies, No.4 (52), 2014

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The paper describes an integrated automatic system for non-destructive assay of irradiated fuel rods and absorbers as part of in-cell examination equipment for the BN-800 reactor facility. Consideration is given to key methodical and engineering solutions, as well as results of measurement procedure testing and approval.

The diameter measuring channel ensures discrete and continuous control, as well as permissible margins of the measurement error of ± 10 µm and ± 25 µm, correspondingly, at a confidence factor of 0.95.

The gamma-measuring channel is designed to measure spectral intensities throughout the item under examination and to plot fission products distribution. A remotely-controlled high-precision collimation system is a peculiarity of the channel.

The eddy-current test channel detects through holes 0.3 mm in diameter and local variations in the cladding thickness of 0.065 mm and thicker. A distinctive feature of the channel is pulsed and harmonic driven test systems that allow adapting the channel for various test activities.

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