Transport of Non-conforming Spent RBMK Fuel from Leningrad NPP to Mayak for Reprocessing

B. Kanashov, A. Dorofeev, V. Smirnov (Sosny R&D Company), A. Khaperskaya, E. Kudryavtsev (Rosatom Corporation), N. Kalyazin, I. Lozhnikov (Leningrad NPP)

Nuclear & Enviromental Safety, №2, 2012

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As initiated by Rosatom, on 14 January 2011 the management of Rosenergoatom (Russia’s operating utility) made the decision to commence the implementation of a "pilot" project to move sub-standard spent fuel assemblies from Leningrad Unit 2 to Mayak. The primary objective of the project was to determine whether it is economically reasonable to reprocess spent RBMK fuel and to confirm that it can in principle be transported and reprocessed.

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