SKODA VPVR/M Casks: Certification in Russia and Operational Experience

S.V.Komarov (R&D Company Sosny), K.V.Golubkin (FSUE Mayak Production Association), A.E.Buchelnikov (Rosatom Corporation), V.I.Shapovalov (VNIIEF)

Nuclear & Enviromental Safety, №1, 2011 (special edition)

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The SKODA VPVR /M cask is a type B(U) package licensed in the Czech Republic for applications in storage and transportation of spent nuclear fuel of Russian-origin research reactors. It is the first foreign-made cask that has been certified for multiple uses in the Russian Federation after completion of the required safety justifications for its design, operational tests and preparation of the Russian reprocessing facility for handling of this new type of casks.

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