Multimodal Transports – an Incentive to Improve

A.N. Dorofeev, A.A. Ivaschenko, B.A. Kanashov, M.V. Baryshnikov 

Nuclear & Enviromental Safety, №1, 2011 (special edition)


PDF version


The implementation of the Russian Research Reactor Fuel Repatriation (RRRFR ) programme has helped its participants gather massive experience of spent nuclear fuel transports. As of the beginning of 2011, within the framework of the programme more than 600 kg of highly-enriched uranium have been transported enclosed in fuel assemblies of various types and configurations and using various modes of transport. Therefore, it is now possible to generalise this experience of transport and preparations for transport by reviewing the types of packages and modes of transport that have been used, the specifics of their adaptation, certification and safety assurance, as well as make certain predictions regarding their further use.

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