Germany: Preparations Completed

I.V.Gusakov-Stanykovich, A.E.Buchelnikov (Rosatom Corporation), S.V.Komarov, E.N.Leschenko, A.A.Ivaschenko, A.A.Samsonov (Sosny R&D Company), V.M.Ipatov, K.V.Golubkin, K.V.Ivanov (FSUE Mayak)

Nuclear & Enviromental Safety, №1, 2011 (special edition)

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The Russian Research Reactor Fuel Return programme (RRRFR) makes provisions for the removal of spent nuclear fuel from the Rossendorfer Forschungs-Reaktor (hereinafter referred to as the Rossendorf Research Reactor, RFR) in Rossendorf, Germany to Mayak for reprocessing. In 2010, Germany refused to return its high-enriched spent fuel due to "environmental" considerations. Nonetheless, preparation for transportation of German SNF is finished in Russia, the safety had been fully justified.

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