Developing a Spent Fuel Cask For Air Transport


M.E. Budu, D.V. Derganov, O.A. Savina, S.V. Komarov (Sosny R&D Company, Russia), Stanley D. Moses (ORNL, USA)

Nuclear Engineering International magazine, February 2014 Edition

PDF version

In the framework of the Russian Research Reactor Fuel Return (RRRFR) Program, US DOE and Russian organizations have developed the first Type C cask to ship by air research reactor spent nuclear fuel. The TUK-145/C is based on the SKODA VPVR/M cask Type B package, encased in an energy absorbing container (EAC) that assures the containment tightness after an impact caused by an aircraft crash. It was used for four air shipments to Russia in 2013.

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