Experience In Reprocessing RRSF And Associated Challenges / RRSF Which Can’t Be Reprocessed


M. Budu, S.V. Komarov, B. Kanashov, A. Ivashchenko, S.N. Komarov, D. Derganov


Consultancy Meeting on the Development and Implementation of a new CRP ‘‘Options and Technologies for Managing the Back End of the Research Reactor Nuclear Fuel Cycle’’, IAEA, Vienna, 15-18 July 2014


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RRSF management activities in Russia comply with the requirements of the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management. Main RRSF Russian policy: reprocessing. Challenges during RRSF reprocessing are overcome by: research and development of new equipment and technologies; thorough safety justification of all operations; PA Mayak’s license modifications for non-standard RRSF types; modernization of handling equipment and process technology at RT-1 plant and other.

Sosny R&D Company has over 20 years of experience in solving non-standard tasks on RRSF safe management and of successful cooperation with PA Mayak.

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