Proposals on AMB SNF Management

V. Smirnov


Conference on the Management of Spent Fuel from Nuclear Power Reactors, Vienna, Austria, 31 May – 4 Jun 2010 


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The first commercial AMB reactors at the Beloyarsk NPP were shutdown in 1981 (the AMB-100 reactor) and in 1989 (the AMB-200 reactor). The SNF was discharged from the reactors and is presently stored in the cooling pools at the Beloyarsk NPP and in the storage pool at PA “Mayak”. The peculiarities of the AMB SFAs are as follows: a variety of ~ 40 types of fuel compositions, big dimensions, a complicated SFA configuration. The main problems for the AMB SNF handling at the Beloyarsk NPP are an unsatisfactory state of the fuel rods, corrosion of the SFA canisters and the cooling pool lining made of carbon steel sheets. At PA “Mayak”, all AMB SFAs are stored in stainless steel canisters. A special facility for pre-reprocessing preparation of the AMB SNF is planned to be constructed at the PA “Mayak”. The problem of the AMB SNF management is being resolved in two parallel directions: (1) ensure safe storage of the AMB SNF at the Beloyarsk NPP as a toppriority urgent task, (2) develop a technology and equipment for the AMB SNF reprocessing at the RT-1 plant of PA “Mayak”. Results of the work are addressed in the paper.

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