Airtight Shielded Double Doors for Hot Cells


The doors are intended to close and shield the entrance to the hot cell, provide access to the personnel and deliver small-size items to the hot cell.

Standard configuration:

  • Door motor,
  • Limit switch to monitor whether the door is closed,
  • Limit switch to monitor whether the door is entirely opened,
  • Lock monitoring switch,
  • NO ENTRY light sign.


 Key specifications:

   tightening door panel
  Steel 12Х18Н10Т to GOST 5632-72(2014)  
   shielding door panel   Steel 3
Dimensions along the cast concrete joints   1900 mm (W) х 2610 mm (H) х 1000 mm (D)
Door opening distance   700 mm (W) х 1800 mm (H)
Shielding door opening angle   180 °
Total double door weight   ≤10,000 kg
Thickness of concrete wall required to install the door   ≥ 800 mm
Rated power of door motor   ≤ 0.1 kW
Time for entire door opening   ≤ 30 s


 We can manufacture shielded doors of other dimensions on the Customer’s request.


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