VVER Irradiated Nuclear Fuel Voloxidation Facility

Year of manufacture: 2019

Customer:  Mining and Chemical Combine, Zheleznogorsk, Russia


The voloxidation facility was developed and manufactured as part of the equipment for the Fuel Assembly Chopping/SNF Voloxidation Division of the Experimental Demonstration Center at the Mining Chemical Combine in Zheleznogorsk, Russia.

It is designed to recrystallize the spent nuclear fuel with a gas reactant at a temperature below 550 °C, remove volatile fission products, separate the SNF powder from the fuel claddings, cool down and load the fuel into a dissolver, and transfer the fuel claddings to clad leaching apparatus.

The Sosny R&D Company performed the entire scope of design and fabrication activities for the voloxidation facility. The facility includes:

  • a voloxidizer,
  • a fuel-clad separator drum,
  • a voloxidized fuel powder cooler with a rotary gate,
  • a local control system,
  • mounting equipment and tools.


The power manipulator and ancillary tools designed by the Sosny R&D Company can handle the main components of the voloxidation facility. A sieve of the fuel-clad separator drum has increased longevity and can be replaced remotely with the power manipulator.

All electric drives are deployed outside the radiation hazard zone to enable their maintenance. An additional lantern gear maintains the facility operable in case of an accident-caused failure of the primary rotary actuator.

Voloxidizer features:

  • a charge of the entire spent fuel from one fragmented fuel assembly at a time,
  • criticality safety design,
  • removal of the voloxidized spent fuel from the hulls by mechanical separation,
  • a unique long-lasting seal on the rotary shaft.


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