Vertical setting centrifuge

Year of manufacture: 2021

Customer: Siberian Chemical Combine


The centrifuge makes part of the TUE Re-Extraction Area of the Fabrication/Recycling Facility of the Pilot Demonstration Energy Complex (PDEK) at the Siberian Chemical Combine.

It separates the solid phase (precipitate) from the liquid (centrate) once the suspension is precipitated by a centrifugal force during rotation of the rotor. The solids precipitate on the inner wall of the rotor, and the scroll conveyor carries them to the solids outlet. The remaining fine particles suspended in the supernatant precipitate on the discs. They can be flushed by feeding a cleansing liquid into the rotor and then removing it through the centrate removal line.

Measuring sensors for vibration velocity, the rotation frequencies of the rotor and the scroll conveyor, the temperature of the upper support bearings, and motor input power monitor the health of the centrifuge in operation.




Specifications of the centrifuge:

Safety class to NP-016-05  2H 
Rotor rotation frequency  3000 min-1 
Volumetric capacity by suspension  0.01 m3/h max 
Mass output by wet precipitate  1 kg/h max 
Precipitate humidity   70 % max 
Maximum separation factor 1085 
Operation type  continuous 
Motor power  10.9 kW 
Overall dimensions (L×W×H)  915×600×1550 mm
Weight 550 kg
Structural material Steel 12Х18Н10Т





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