SFA transfer cask for Lepse service ship

Year of manufacture: 2016

Customer: JSC FCNRS (NFC Logistics), Moskow, Russia


The transfer cask is a part of the equipment to unload propulsion reactor SFAs stored at the Lepse service ship.

The transfer cask serves for the safe transfer of fuel assemblies, the SFA storage tubes cut out of the tube plate in the Lepse’s storage tank, and the thin-walled canisters in the shelter.

The cask has a winch, grapple position sensors, and load sensors on the top, and a rotary gate on the bottom.

The cask has a coated carbon steel body with the potential for surface decontamination. The cask wall against the SFA active part has a thickness of at least 200 mm. The end switches on the cask bottom actuate when the cask is positioned on different SNF unloading devices. The end switches send a signal to the control system and trigger the unlocking of the cask mechanisms. The rotary gate tightly closes the cask internal cavity from below and ensures biological shielding during the loaded cask transportation.

The cask has an electromagnetic grapple with a plug-in lower part to handle SFA of various types.

Manual override devices are provided along with the cask electric drives.

The drives are operated remotely from a control panel. The supply includes a lifting beam, a rotary frame, a telescopic tower, and a drip pan to transport, tilt, handle, and store the SNF transfer cask.









Specifications of the SFA transfer cask: 

Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 1350×1056×5481 mm 
Weight 9850 kg 
Grapple capacity  150 kg 
Number of SFAs to be unloaded at the same time  1 pc 
Time of grapple travel up (down) (driven by electric motor)  70±2 s 
Grapple spread from the bottom edge of the cask  1212 mm
Rotary gate opening (closing) time (driven by electric motor)   25±5 s
Safety class 3 to NP-022-2000




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