SFA manipulator for Lepse service ship

Year of manufacture: 2016

Customer: JSC FCNRS (NFC Logistics), Moskow, Russia


The manipulator is a part of the equipment to unload propulsion reactor SFAs stored at the Lepse service ship.

The manipulator performs the following operations in the confined space of the Lepse storage tanks:

  • aligning with an SFA top nozzle in the storage tank,
  • gripping the SFA by the top nozzle or by the top of the SFA suspension,
  • releasing the SFA in the storage tank,
  • lifting and holding the SFA.

The manipulator drives enable vertical rotation and movement, horizontal rotation of the jaws, and the jaws closing/opening. A TV camera on the manipulator rod monitors the SFA gripping. The control system remotely controls the operation of the drives. Manual override devices are provided for the electric drives.

A lifting beam and a rotary frame are designed to transport and store the SFA manipulator.  






Specifications of the SFA manipulator:

Overall dimensions (L×W×H)  650×524×5695 mm 
Weight  650 kg 
Capacity  500 kg
Service area diameter  535 mm 
SFA release force  not more than 5 kN 
Grapple rotation angle around vertical axis  360 degrees 
Grapple rotation angle around horizontal axis  90 degrees 
Grapple linear movement speed  up to 1 m/min 
Safety class  3 to NP-022-2000





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