Radiation-Resistant LED Lights

Year of manufacture: 2019

Customer: Mining and Chemical Combine, Zheleznogorsk, Russia



LED lights are the lighting solution of choice during mounting, dismantling, maintenance, and process equipment operation in hot cells, canyons, caves, repair and maintenance areas at nuclear facilities.

The lighting equipment includes 1–4 LED working lights fitted on a bracket and a control unit with the controls on the faceplate.

The lights can be replaceable remotely with a power manipulator. There are unique electrical connections inside the bracket for remote switching on/off the lights that prevent accidental contact with current-conducting elements.

The bracket regulates the inclination angle of the light optical axis in the range from – 45 degrees (down) to + 15 degrees (up).

The equipment allows decontamination with alkali and acid solutions within 1 hour at a solution temperature of 70 °С – 90 °С.

The operation mode of the lights is continuous with regular maintenance activities.

The lighting equipment complies with Technical Regulations CU TR 004/2011 on the safety of low-voltage equipment and Technical Regulations CU TR 020/2011 on the electromagnetic compatibility of low-voltage lighting equipment (up to 1000 V). The equipment satisfies electrical and fire safety requirements to GOST R MEK 60598-1.




Dimensions (W×H×D)  400×770×250 mm 
Maximum weight without bracket  8 kg
Maximum input power  90 W 
Light flux   12 000 lm 
Ripple factor  0 % 
Color rendering index  83.95 
Type of light intensity distribution curve 
Supply voltage  230 V 
Color temperature  4000 K 
Minimum protection rating  IP65 to GOST 14254-2015 
Climatic category  УХЛ4 to GOST 15150-69 
Minimum allowable cumulative dose rate  2·105 Gy






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