Radiation-resistant CCTV system (1104)

Year of manufacture: 2019

Customer: Mining and Chemical Combine 


Radiation-resistant CCTV system with remote control and maintenance 1104 is a surveillance solution to monitor process equipment in hot cells, canyons, caves, repair, and maintenance areas at nuclear facilities. A television transmitting device (TTD) is a basic element of the CCTV system. It can be supplemented with a camera control unit (CCU) and a remote control if required.

The TTD includes a TV module with zoom in a protective housing (camera), a guiding device with pan/tilt function, and a mounting bracket.

The camera is installed inside the guiding device on the mounting bracket mounted in the place of the camera operation. The guiding device features panning and tilting mechanisms driven by DC electric motors. Biological shielding inside the camera housing enhances the resistance of the device to ionizing radiation. The TV module integrated into the camera functions via an intermediate mirror.

The TV module movements (pan/tilt) and image parameters are controlled with an external control unit. The speed of the camera rotation can be automatically changed depending on the zoom setting.

The image magnification is adjusted by changing the focal length of the camera lens. An integrated optical system enables magnification of the image up to 30 times. The TV module provides automatic adjustment of the image sharpness, iris, and white balance. The camera transmits the output signal to an external monitor in HD TVI format.

The guiding device with the camera can be positioned on the mounting bracket and switched on by simple vertical movement with a manipulator or a crane. No signal cable is connected to the receiving side in this case. For remote installation on the mounting bracket, special alignment features are provided in the design of the guiding device.

The guiding device with the camera is stored on a special support fixture included in the SPTA set.

The main TTD components are made of corrosion-resistant steel and are decontaminable.

The camera control unit has two independent channels to connect two cameras and two control panels.



TTD voltage  12 V 
TV signal  HD-TVI 
Resolution  more than 600 TVL 
Zoom  up to 30х 
Tilt angle  from -100 to +100 degrees 
Pan angle  from -120 to +120 degrees 
Protection rating  IP65 
Integral dose up to 7.5×105 rad 
Dose rate  up to 2×104 rad/h 
Control unit voltage  230 V 




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