Power Manipulator for Maintenance of In-Cell Equipment

Year of manufacture: 2018, 2019

Customer: Mining and Chemical CombineZheleznogorsk, Russia


The power manipulator is designed for remote maintenance, mounting, dismantlement, transfer, and repair of the process equipment in shielded cells. In 2018-2019, the Sosny R&D Company manufactured three overhead manipulators of various types and sizes for shielded cells of the Experimental Demonstration Center at the Mining Chemical Combine in Zheleznogorsk, Russia.

The overhead power manipulator travels along the ceiling-mounted rails in the shielded cell moved by the bridge drive with double electric motors. The bridge girders have rails for an electromechanical hoist and a double-motor trolley with a telescopic lift. An electromechanical arm and a lifting hook rest upon a support unit. The telescopic lift has an interlock system to prevent the segments from extending downwards by gravity and a reeving system for cable stretching.

The arm has six electromechanical drives of five degrees of freedom for the gripper and closing of the gripper jaws. The telescopic lift rotates the arm in the horizontal plane and moves it upwards and downwards.

The manipulator's hand uses two types of grippers, i. e. two- and three-jaw ones. The gripper is attached with a bayonet lock, the design of which prevents inadvertent uncoupling.

The manipulator complies with Class 3H and 4H design as per NP-016-05. The structural materials withstand decontamination with acid and alkali solutions.

Additional electromechanical tools supplied with the power manipulators expand their technological capabilities. The electromechanical hand connects the tools to electrical power sockets. The tools are installed in the two-jaw gripper and controlled from the manipulator control panel. Depending on the operations performed, the manipulators can be fitted with an air wrench, cutting pliers, an angle grinder, or other tools (a sawzall, a jackhammer, etc.). The manipulator tools are replaced remotely in a dedicated tool receptacle, which is also a storage container.



Manipulator capacity with lifting hook / electromechanical hoist  900 kg 
Arm lifting capacity in horizontal positions  100 kg
Extended arm length  1575 mm
Grip torque  minimum 50 Nm 
Grip rotation velocity  minimum 1.5 rpm
Grip closure force  minimum 1400 N 
Diameter of seized object for 3-jaw grip  maximum 130 mm 
Jaw travel for 2-jaw grip  minimum 120 mm 




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