Nuclear-safe tanks and vessels

Year of manufacture: 2021

Customer: SC SGChE


The vessels and tanks make part of the TUE Re-Extraction Area of the Fabrication/Recycling Facility of the Pilot Demonstration Energy Complex (PDEK) at the Siberian Chemical Combine. The vessels and tanks accept, adjust, precipitate base solutions, and collect centrifuge effluents and permeates.

Each of the vessels is a Type K 1–80 or Type К 0.25–63 annular tank with a water jacket heating/cooling skid and insulation manufactured to the OST 95 407-95 industry standard There is a neutron-absorbing insert inside the tank.

The tank volume is from 0.2 to 0.8 m3, the height is from 2130 to 3040 mm, and the diameter is from 1080 to 1940 mm. According to the NP-016−05 national regulations, the class is 2H, 3H.

All the vessels have agitators, level gages, temperature and pressure sensors, and level alarms. In addition, industrial pH meters measure the activity of hydrogen ions in the solutions.





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