Metering pumps

Year of manufacture: 2021

Customer: Siberian Chemical Combine


The metering pumps make part of the TUE Re-Extraction Area of the Fabrication/Recycling Facility of the Pilot Demonstration Energy Complex (PDEK) at the Siberian Chemical Combine.

The main purpose of the pumps is to meter and pump reactant and process solutions. A hydraulic cylinder and a plunger are the main elements of the pump. The operating principle of the metering pump is based on switching from underepressure to overpressure in the pumping chamber at regular intervals. The plunger motions are rotational and at the same time reciprocating because of the profiled cam and the magnetic coupling.

A frequency converter of the pump motor regulates the slurry flow by the rotating and reciprocating motion frequency of the plunger.






Specifications of the metering pump:

Safety сlass according to NP-016−05 
Class according to NP-016−05  3H 
Operating medium  alkaline solutions 
Nominal volumetric feed   10 l/h 
Feed control range   5.75…22 l/h
Plunger rotation frequency  26.3…128 min-1 
Pressure discharge  0.2 MPa max 
Self-suction lift by water at 20 °C  4 m min 
Operating medium temperature 65°С max 
Operating medium density  1200 kg/m3max 
Solids contents in operating medium 30 g/L max
Solid particle size in operating medium 0.2 mm max
Cooling water flow rate 10 l/h min
Cooling water pressure 0.25 MPa max
Cooling water temperature 40°С max
Motor power 0.5 kW
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 320×280×1055 mm
Weight 85.3 kg
Structural material Steel 12Х18Н10Т 




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