Large-capacity canisters for transportation and temporary storage of VM and VT spent fuel

Year of manufacture: 2018, 2019

Customer: IPPE, Obninsk, Russia



Two-tier canisters were developed and fabricated to facilitate railway transportations of spent fuel of VT, VM, TES-3, and other reactors from IPPE to a reprocessing plant. The canisters are compatible with the TUK-108/1 cask. For nuclear safety, the canisters are available in different types and sizes to accommodate and transport the spent fuel.

The canister consists of a body, a lid, a sealing ring, and two load cans for SNF that are stacked in the canister one over the other.

The canisters are disposable and will be reprocessed with the SFAs they contain.

Besides, special energy absorbers were developed and fabricated to arrange orderly the canisters of different types in standard TUK-108/1 baskets.

The Sosny's production facility fabricated 35 canisters for VT SFA and 21 canisters for VM SFA to support the SNF removal from IPPE. In 2021, 35 more canisters for VT SFA will be fabricated.



Canister specifications:

Dimensions  Ø160х2270 mm  Ø130х2270 mm 
Can height  1100 mm  1100 mm 
Can inner diameter 116 мм  98 mm 
Can wall thickness  2 mm  2 mm 
Canister weight  38.6 kg  25.2 kg 
SNF type  VM SFA  VT fuel rods 
SNF weight  80 kg  54 kg 
Safety class  3 to NP-016-05  3 to NP-016-05 





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