Irretrievable High-Level Solid Waste Cans

Year of manufacture: 2018

Customer: NRC "Kurchatov Institute" – PNPI, St. Petersburg, Russia 


The can for solid high-level radioactive waste (HLRW) serves to

  • accommodate high-level waste (the specific activity is up to 10kBq/kg) generated after the replacement of the PIK reactor vessel and internals;
  • transport HLRW in the HLRW transfer cask when handling PIK HLRW.

The can is irretrievable.

The design of the can ensures personnel safety during mounting and preoperational activities, operation, maintenance, and repair.

The can consists of a body and a lid. The lid is bolted to the body with three eye-bolts and nuts. Guiding pins of various heights are designed to align the lid during its installation.

The radiation-resistant rubber seal prevents the HLRW release from the can. 





Dimensions  295×600 mm 
Wall thickness  3 mm 
Inner volume  0.035 m3 
Weight  25 kg 
Weight of solid waste to be canned  up to 130 kg 
Structural material  12Х18Н10Т steel, 14Х17Н2 steel
Safety class  3 to NP-033-11 
Design service life  30 years 




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