Inert Atmosphere Gloveboxes of Double (4 Ports) Length

Year of manufacture: 2017

Customer: Siberian Group of Chemical Enterprises, Seversk, Russia 


The inert atmosphere gloveboxes are available in double (4 ports) length and manufactured in accordance with the Russian national standard GOST R 52153-2003 Shielded Gloveboxes. General Technical Requirements.

Standard configuration: 

  • Inert gas supply system,
  • Seal leak test system,
  • Vacuum cleaning system,
  • In-box temperature transducer,
  • Oxygen transmitter,
  • Moisture transmitter,
  • Aerosol pre-filter at the glovebox air outlet that is DN50 pipe branch with a ball valve assembled with electric actuator and manual override device,
  • Repair ventilation (DN150 pipe branch with a ball valve assembled with electric actuator),
  • LED light,
  • In-box differential pressure sensor,
  • Junction boxes to connect electric and lighting equipment,
  • Inlet and outlet DN15 pipes for decontaminating solutions,
  • Maintenance door.


The glovebox configuration options can be adjusted on the Customer’s request (quantity and layout of fittings, biological shielding etc.).


Key specifications:

Dimensions 2000 mm (W) х 2500 mm (H) х 1700 mm (D)
Leak tightness ≥ 6.7 x 10-4 m3Pa/s
Oxygen level ≤ 50 ppm
Moisture level ≤ 50 ppm
Negative pressure 200 Pa
Air purification from radioactive and nonradioactive aerosols
performed by pre-filter 
≥ 99.995 %
Material  Steel 12Х18Н10Т to GOST 5632-2014 or AISI 321 (AISI 304) 
Material and thickness of biological shielding
at operating area
Shielding plate: 20 mm steel + 20 mm low density polyethylene 
Window: 16 mm shielding glass + 10 mm polycarbonate


 The gloveboxes can be interconnected and equipped with necessary process equipment such as furnaces, balances, mixer etc. on the Customer’s request.



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