Furnace for precipitate drying and calcinating

Year of manufacture: 2021

Customer: Siberian Chemical Combine


The continuous top-driven air-tight horizontal furnace  makes part of the TUE Re-Extraction Area of the Fabrication/Recycling Facility of the Pilot Demonstration Energy Complex (PDEK) at the Siberian Chemical Combine.

The furnace is designed for drying and calcinating precipitates from the centrifuge. Wet solids come from the centrifuge rotor to the rotating plate of the furnace, where they are pre-dried, crushed with the blades, and forced through the holes in the rotating plate down to the hearth. The product is calcinated while moving across the hearth surface from the center to the periphery till it enters the cooling screw conveyor.









Specifications of the furnace:

Safety class to NP-016-05  2H 
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 4660×2763×4273 mm 
Drying temperature  340 °C max
Calcination temperature  400 °C max 
Furnace temperature  500 °C max 
Process duration  2…8 hours 
Heater power  20 kW max 




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