Equipment for MNSR Core Reloading from GHARR-1 Reactor into SKODA MNSR Cask

Year of manufacture: 2016

Customer: National Nuclear Research Institute (NNRI) under the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission


 The equipment was designed and fabricated for reloading the core from the GHARR-1 reactor into a shipping cask. The transfer cask ensures personnel protection from ionizing radiation during the MNSR core reloading from the reactor into the SKODA MNSR cask and during interim storage of the core.

The basic elements of the transfer cask are a body, a protective slide valve, a control cabinet, a winch, and an electromagnetic grapple to engage with the pintle installed in the core. The grapple has a manual emergency jaw opening system. The transfer cask is fitted with connecting elements for purging the internal cavity of the transfer cask with hot air.

Two independent operator's consoles control the electric equipment of the transfer cask.

The auxiliary equipment for reloading the GHARR‑1core includes a support frame to place the transfer cask above the reactor vessel, a pintle to match the J-slot in the core and take it out, a manually-driven grapple to install the pintle, an adapter guide tube to load the MNSR core into the shipping cask, a trolley to transport the transfer cask, and other equipment.





Specifications of the transfer cask:

Overall dimensions (D×H)  750×1760 mm 
Capacity ≤ 100 kg 
Grapple movement speed  ≤ 0.04 m/s 
Maximum grapple travel  7 m 
Opening (closing) time for isolation valve 30 s 
Inner diameter 250 mm 
Weight  2950 kg 





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