Electrically-Driven Master-Slave Manipulator for Shielded Cells

Year of manufacture: 2020

Customer: Mining and Chemical CombineZheleznogorsk, Russia



The manipulator is designed to transfer various objects weighing up to 10 kg inside a shielded cell. Driven by the master arm to follow the operator's hand, the end effector grabs and transfers an object. The objects can be transferred in the automatic mode, as programmed.

All electromechanical arm actuators are designed for out-of-the-cell locations. It ensures their protection from ionizing radiation and facilitates access during maintenance and debugging operations.

The electromechanical arm has six degrees of freedom. The rotational motions of all arm joints are produced by separate electrical actuators and then translated through drive shafts and a chain of bevels and wave-type gears. The end-effector is a grip. Separate drives are in charge of rotating and moving the grip upward/downward and opening/closing the jaws.

The manipulator elements contacting the radioactive environment are made of corrosion-resistant steel and are decontaminable. Seals protect the manipulator's internal mechanisms from moisture and dust.







Service area (LxWxH)*  940х750х1100 mm 
Operating medium  air 
Gamma radiation dose rate in arm operation area  less than 2.5·104 rad/h 
Lifting capacity at maximum outreach  10 kg 
Quantity of axes/degrees of freedom 
Vertical travel   200 mm 
Joint rotation angle  360 degrees 
Jaw opening 80 mm 
Automatic transfer time less than 30 s
Positioning error ± 5 mm 
Weight  700 kg 


* The design of the master-slave manipulator is adaptable to shielded cells of various configurations to handle various objects.




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