Pilot Production Facility


The Pilot Production Facility (PPF) was set up in 2014. It produces standard and unique high-tech equipment for nuclear and other industries. 

The PPF offers complete cycle of product manufacturing - from technological development of the design documentation to packing and shipping.

Total production area – 3474 m2, staff – 118 persons.

The equipment is produced to the design documentation developed by the Company’s engineering design department (up to 90% of all products) and to the customer-supplied drawings.  

Quality Management System of the PPF is certified in compliance with ISO 9001. Quality control of the products is performed by the certified experts on each stage of the production process.

The PPF includes Engineering Service, whose team elaborates step-by-step manufacture procedure of products, chooses appropriate raw materials and components, provides CNC programming, develops and qualifies welding procedures, designs testing equipment. 


Machining workshops carries out such operations as:

  • band saw cutting of rolled stock :
 – maximum diameter  550 mm


  • water jet cutting of sheet stock :
 – maximum part thickness    200 mm
– catcher tank length   3000 mm
– catcher tank width   1500 mm


  • rolling of carbon and stainless steel sheets : 
 – maximum sheet thickness  13 mm
 – maximum length  3000 mm
 – minimum radius  260 mm


  • bending of metal sheets and tubes
  • heat treatment (quenching, tempering, annealing, air-hardening)
  • lathe machining :
– maximum part diameter   1600 mm
 – maximum part length  4000 mm


  • CNC milling :
– maximum part length   2000 mm
– maximum part width  1000 mm



Non-Standard Equipment Fabrication Workshop is intended for assembling units and products and preparation of auxiliary equipment and tooling for testing the ready-made products. The workshop performs :

  • machine assembly
  • welding
  • weld dressing to meet the required roughness parameters.

Welding is applied to join the parts of various configurations. The materials can be pearlitic steels, highly-alloyed chromium martensitic and martensitic-ferritic steels, stainless austenitic steels, aluminum, and aluminum alloys. State-of-the-art welding equipment operates in:

  • Tungsten inert gas welding with or without filler metal,
  • Mechanized argon arc welding with consumable electrodes, and
  • Shielded metal arc welding.

The Company’s welders have high proficiency and qualification per PNAE G-7-003-87 requirements. The welding procedures are continuously qualified. Sosny's PPF has 34 qualification certificates issued by NRC “Kurchatov Institute” – CRISM “Prometey”. The preparation of 70 welding procedures for qualification is underway. 



The finishing operations area carries out :

  • sandblasting 
  • glass blasting
  • paintwork
  • fabrication of packaging.


Quality Control Department is responsible for operation checking and acceptance of the parts, components and assemblies of a product, as well as for final acceptance of the product as a whole. At every stage of the equipment fabrication following NDE methods are employed :

  • visual inspection
  • inspection by measurements
  • dye penetrant examination
  • ultrasonic flaw detection
  • radiographical testing
  • leak testing using gases and liquids
  • optical-emission spectrometry of metals and alloys.


Ready-made non-standard equipment is subject to in-house fit-up assembling and testing. In 2020, a new 18-meter high testing workshop was constructed and commissioned. It features a 16-ton bridge crane and a dunk test tank.



Sosny R&D Company provides warranty and post-warranty service of the supplied equipment, develops technical documents for its effective use.



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