Removal of the Spent Fuel from SSC IPPE

An SNF batch was removed from SSC IPPE in August, 2011 under the Federal Targeted Program "Ensuring Nuclear and Radiological Safety in 2008 and in the Period until 2015.

Since the fuel dimensions prevented loading the SFA into a TUK-19 cask as a whole, the fuel part was separated and put into a tight canister. For this purpose, Sosny experts developed a set of equipment including a tilter for receiving, turning over and conveying SFA-containing baskets to the cutting area, equipment for securing the SFAs and canisters, loading the canisters with SFA fragments into TUK-19 baskets and collecting cutting waste.

In accordance with the Russian standards and regulations, the following documents were developed, concurred and approved: expert assessment of nuclear safety during SFA transportation, handling and reprocessing, a certificate of approval of the package design and shipment, quality assurance programs and radiation safety for the shipment and other documents.


Removal of the spent fuel from SSC IPPE Removal of the spent fuel from SSC IPPE
The SFAs were tranported from SSC IPPE in TUK-19 casks overpacked in special ISO containers.


Removal of the spent fuel from SSC IPPE

The fuel was transported by road and rail. A successful removal of the pilot SNF batch will make the basis for further shipments that will help clearing the storage pool at SSC IPPE.

The key participants including Sosny experts were awarded with certificates of honor by Order of Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation for the successful completion of the project.

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