Modernization of a Vessel for SNF Transportation

In some projects, a sea shipment is the only possible way due to transit-associated complications. The first use of the Danish INF-2 class vessel LYNX equipped in compliance with the International INF Code was for the RRRFR shipment from Hungary. The Russian vessel MCL-Trader owned by ASPOL Baltic Corporation was used to ship the spent fuel from Poland. The design of the vessel refit was developed by Krylov Research Institute in direct participation of the Sosny Company. Supervised by the Russian Maritime Register, the vessel was refitted, certified and assigned INF-2 class.

Many efforts were made to develop and approve all necessary vessel documents; the crew received appropriate training and permits for work. The vessel was refitted in compliance with all standards, has a big displacement, allows for loading packages with deck cranes, fitted for navigating in arctic seas and, consequenty, has a higher safety level. The MCL-Trader vessel was first used in September 2009 for an RRRFR shipment to transport the the SNF from the Ewa and Maria reactors, Poland.

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