Transfer Casks for Loading Spent Fuel into TUK-19 and SKODA VPVR/M Transport Casks

It is often necessary, it often needs to develop sophisticated and unique equipment to prepare the SNF for transportation and loading into casks.

To remove the VVR-S research reactor SNF from IFIN-HH Institute, Magurele, Romania, the Romanian regulatory authority set stringent safety requirements; this required development of a procedure and equipment for loading the SFAs from the storage pool into TUK-19 casks.

The key and most complicated element of the technology is the transfer cask with an automatic grapple for Basket 50 reloading operations (either empty, or containing the fuel).

The entire procedure beginning from removal of an empty Basket 50 and finishing with installation of the lid on the TUK-19 cask takes about an hour.

After the transfer cask was successfully used in Romania, it was adapted for operation at the RA reactor facility (Vinca Institute) in 2010.

A similar transfer cask was developed for loading the spent fuel into the SKODA VPVR/M cask to be done at Dalat Nuclear Research Institute, Vietnam in 2013.

One more transfer cask was used to load the canisters with IIN-3M RR spent liquid HEU fuel into the SKODA VPVR/M cask.


Development of a transfer cask for loading SNF into transport casks

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