ТК-S-PIK Packaging for Fresh PIK FA Shipment

By the NP-053-16 classification, TK-S-PIK is assigned to Type A packages containing fissile materials.

The TK-S-PIK packaging serves to transport the PIK reactor fuel assemblies from the manufacturer's facility and their temporary storage in the fresh fuel storage facility. It is designed to withstand shipments by public-access road, rail, river, and sea. The orientation of the packaging during loading/unloading and transportation is horizontal.

The TK-S-PIK incorporates:

  • a cask,
  • a square or hexagonal cross-section inner shell for a PIK fuel assembly,
  • wrapping and stuffing,
  • spares and accessories.

Rubber gaskets resistant to high/low temperatures, acids, and alkali ensure the tightness of the body-to-lid joint. The TK-S-PIK packaging allows replacing gaskets followed by leak testing. Sealing holes are available on some parts of the cask lid and body. 

TK-S-PIK has eight supports for horizontal positioning, stowing, and fastening, and shackles. Stowing up to five levels of the TK-S-PIK packages on one another is allowed. The packaging also has four fold-out handles for manual handling.


ТК-S-PIK Package: 1 – body; 2 – shock absorber; 3 – seal; 4 – desiccant; 5 – lid; 6 – seal; 7 – fuel assembly; 8 – spacing tube; 9 – aluminum insert; 10 – aluminum foil; 11 – thermal insulation; 12 – polyethylene enclosure; 13 – support; 14 – handle


The operating temperature varies from minus 40 °С up to plus 38 °С.

ТК-S-PIK packaging is a certified packaging compliant with the Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Materials NP-053-16 and SSR-6 (Package Design Approval Certificate  RUS/3244/AF-96).


Specifications of TK-S PIK packaging:

Dimensions (LxWxH) 1245×260×286 mm 
Gross weight  maximum 85 kg
Capacity  one PIK fuel assembly 
FA length  1085 mm 
Max. FA wight  13 kg 
Safety class  2 to NP-033-11 
Seismic Resistance Category  I to NP-031-01 




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