System for Automated Processing of Task Related Monitoring Data

In 2011-2012, the Sosny R&D Company developed, fabricated and commissioned a subsystem for automated processing of task related monitoring data (SAP TRMD) for the phase 1 premises at the Beloyarsk NPP as part of activities for preparation and decommissioning of power units of the Beloyarsk NPP.

The work included:

  • analysis of radiation monitoring equipment available;
  • development of a work breakdown, process operations, initial conditions for radiation measurements;
  • development of a standard record form for radiation measurements;
  • development of a procedure for task related monitoring;
  • development of a procedure for processing earlier measurement data;
  • development of a radiation monitoring database for the premises, site, and controlled access area of the Beloyarsk NPP;
  • development of an automated data processing system;
  • personnel training.




SAP TRMD is designed for the following:

  • radiation monitoring data acquisition and processing mode control of the equipment influencing background radiation in the premises;
  • determination of the doses received by the personnel during decommissioning of specific premises, systems, or equipment: determination of the radwaste quantity resulted from decommissioning of specific premises, systems, or equipment;
  • provision of informational contents of radiation monitoring;
  • timely decision making regarding organizational, engineering, or protective measures to prevent exposure to the personnel and contamination of the rooms.


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