Radiation Monitoring System for SFA Segmentation Cell at Mining and Chemical Combine

The Experimental Demonstration Center (EDC) is under construction at the Mining and Chemical Combine, Zheleznogorsk to test advanced and environmentally safe technologies for the VVER-1000 SNF reprocessing. The first start-up facilities were constructed in December 2015. Among them is an SFA segmentation cell where fuel rods are pulled out of a fuel assembly and cut into pieces for subsequent dissolution.

Sosny engineers designed and fabricated a radiation monitoring system (RMS) for the SFA segmentation cell.

The RMS functions are as follows:

  • monitor gamma radiation dose rate in the SFA segmentation cell and the pre-filters with a gamma detector,
  • activate alarms in case the emergency reference levels are exceeded and indicate the current ADER,
  • monitor alpha- and beta-emitting activity of aerosols in the atmosphere and on the inner surfaces of the SFA segmentation cell.


Sampling unit


The volumetric activity of alpha- and beta-emitting aerosols is monitored upstream and downstream of the aerosol filters. Sosny designed a system for duct sampling upstream and downstream of the aerosol pre-filter. Samples are drawn continuously through a local particulate filter. The sampling system design included the following calculations:

  • pressure drop in the sampling system to select equipment and its operating parameters,
  • diameter of the probe nozzle to ensure the air sample isokineticity and representativity,
  • loss of the aerosol particles in the air sampling system to determine the actual aerosol concentration.










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