Remote Surveillance Video Camera (1203)

This video camera is a surveillance solution of choice for monitoring process equipment in hot cells, canyons, caves, repair, and maintenance areas at nuclear facilities.


  • nuclear power plants;
  • nuclear material facilities, complexes, and installations intended for fabrication, reprocessing, transportation, and storage of nuclear fuel and nuclear materials;
  • vessels and other marine watercrafts propelled by nuclear reactors, service ships carrying nuclear materials;
  • research reactor centers.

The camera features a guiding device and an optical system with up to 30× zoom, autofocus, and auto-iris lens functions. The camera transmits the output signal to a dual-channel control unit in HD TVI format.

An operator can remotely aim the camera (by panning\tilting) at the surveillance object and adjust zoom using a remote control panel.

The camera can be decontaminated with acid or alkali solutions at 70 °C for 30 minutes.


Camera specifications:

Dimensions  190×271×260 mm 
Zoom  up to 30х 
Optical axis tilt  from -90 to +90 degrees 
Optical axis pan  from -120 to +120 degrees 
TV signal  HD-TVI (> 600 TVL) 
Protection rating   IP65 to GOST 14254-2015
Integral dose   at least 104 rad 
Dose rate  up to 103 rad/h 
Power voltage 12 V 
Weight  6 kg 


The camera control unit has the following functions:

  • receiving, converting, amplifying, distributing signals from cameras,
  • power supplying,
  • translating commands to the camera from the control panel.

The control unit has two independent channels to connect two cameras and two remote controls. It automatically changes the speed of the camera rotation depending on the zoom setting.


Dual-channel 1203 camera-based CCTV system


Control unit specifications:

Power voltage  230 V 
Enclosure for 19-inch rack  3U 
TV output HD-TVI 


Remote control specifications:

Power voltage  12 V 
Maximum quantity of cameras connected simultaneously  32 
Maximum cable length   1.2 km  
Communication interface  RS 422 




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