Equipment for the Dry Storage Facility

In 2020–2022, the Sosny R&D Company designed and manufactured the equipment for the spent fuel assembly (SFA) dry storage facility for the foreign customer, and analyzed its safety.

This equipment is for storing the SFAs in the dry storage basin and loading/unloading the shipping baskets and canisters with SFAs to/from the storage tubes.

Equipment for the dry storage facility includes:

  • a rack for storage of irradiated items in the dry storage basin,
  • an interface cylinder,
  • a support for temporary storage of interface cylinder,
  • a support for temporary storage of shield plug.

The rack can accommodate up to 162 tight SFAs in the baskets and six (6) leaky SFAs in the canisters.

The rack top plate rests on the support plate welded to the embedded parts of the dry storage basin. The top plate has cells for the basket storage tubes and canisters storage tubes to be fixed with screws. Each storage tube has vent and drain holes. The storage tubes shall be sealed with shield plugs to protect the personnel from ionizing radiation.

The rack equipment includes devices to monitor temperature and pressure in the dry storage basin. One of the feedthroughs has a conductivity level switch to monitor ingress of water into the basin. The rack design provides:

  • connection of the measuring equipment to the reactor complex control system,
  • installation of single-use tamper indicating devices (seals) onto each storage tube.




The transfer cask shall be put on the interface cylinder above the storage tube to load/unload the basket (or canister) with SFA into/out of the storage tube.

The interface cylinder with a gamma gate aligns the transfer cask with the storage tube and shields the personnel while loading and unloading the SFA.

The interface cylinder support holds the cylinder and prevents room contamination while storing and decontaminating the cylinder.

The shield plug support helps to arrange the transfer cask while unloading or loading the shield plug from/to the transfer cask, and to accommodate the shield plug during its storage and decontamination, thus preventing the room contamination.


Rack. Interface cylinder on the support (on the left) and on the rack top plate (on the right)


Factory trials of the equipment. Shied plug withdrawal through the interface cylinder


Factory trials of the equipment. Shield plug arrangement on the support



Safety Class per NP-033–11 
Overall dimensions of the top plate (LxWxH)   2990×2190×320 mm 
Nominal height of the top plate with storage tubes   1490 mm 

 Rack capacity

   tight SFAs in baskets

   leaky SFAs in canisters 




Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 966×966×463 mm 
Type of gamma gate drive manual mechanical 
Design service life  50 years subject to timely maintenance and repairs


The equipment design process involved analyzing radiation safety, nuclear safety and accidents.

In December 2022 following the successful acceptance tests the equipment for the dry storage facility was handed over to the customer.




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