Overpack for Transportation of Russian TUK-19 Cask by Different Conveyances Including Aircraft


As the TUK-19 casks can be transported in a multimodal manner, a transport overpack was designed for the purposes of unification of handling operations. A special freight large-capacity 20-foot container (a specialized ISO-container) that satisfies ISO standards, international conventions and industry standards for shipments of dangerous cargoes by various conveyances formed the basis of the transport overpack for TUK-19 shipments. In the process of development, an analysis of impacts on the transport overpack during shipments was made. The specialized ISO-container has a removable roof for loading/unloading of the TUK-19 casks, the reinforced floor to bear three TUK-19 casks and end doors with a removable top rail. The specialized ISO-container has a set of tie-downs for TUK-19 fastening.

In 2008, jointly with JSC "Abakanvagonmash", the final design of the specialized ISO-container was developed, a prototype container was fabricated and tested, and a Certificate of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping was obtained. The design of the TUK 19 packaging as part of the transport overpack was reviewed by VNIIEF experts for conformity with Russian and international regulations for transport of nuclear materials by various conveyances.





The new transport overpack significantly extends capabilities for TUK-19 handling and shipping by various conveyances to include sea and air transport.

 For transportation of the VVR-S reactor SNF from the Horia Hulubei National Institute of Research and Development for Physics and Nuclear Engineering, Romania, by road and air, the package was certified as Type B(U) in compliance with the Russian and international 3000А2 requirement.

Later, the transport ovepacks with TUK-19 casks were used to ship the SFAs from the Radioactive Waste Management Plant, Poland, and Vinca Nuclear Research Institute, Serbia. The fuel was shipped by road, sea and rail.







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