Criticality Accident Alarm System for Lepse Shelter

As part of the decommissioning activities at the Lepse service ship, Sosny engineers developed a criticality accident alarm system intended to generate evacuation signals during SNF unloading operations in the Lepse SNF storage tanks. The scope of work included preliminary and final designs, procurement of components, equipment fabrication and delivery to the operation site, the system mounting, startup, and commissioning.

The system is based on the criticality accident alarm system SRKS-01D by the Research and Production Enterprise "Doza", Russia fitted out with power supply, communication and mounting equipment.

The preliminary design justified locations of criticality accident detector units at two monitoring points and identified boundaries of the nuclear hazardous area. Each monitoring point has two backup criticality accident detecting units with a preset threshold of 0.3 µGy/s. The detecting units are enclosed in lead shielded casings to minimize the background gamma radiation effect.

Audible alarm units BZS-01D and visual alarm units BSS-01D generate emergency signals in the nuclear hazardous area. The alarm units are connected to the control unit through establishing ring coupling, thus enhancing reliability.


Factory tests of criticality accident alarm equipment

Shielded criticality accident detector on the operation site



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