Certification of Foreign Packages in the Russian Federation

A peculiarity of the certification process was that the Russian Federation had to justify the package design safety in compliance with Russian regulatory requirements to accommodate Russian procedures to handling foreign casks at Russian facilities.

In 2005, the Russian Federation endorsed Czech Certificate CZ/048/B(U)F-96 (Rev.1) for Design of TUK SKODA VPVR/M Cask Containing Research Reactor SFAs issued by a Czech competent authority on March 23, 2005. Russian experts reviewed a package of Czech documents on safety justification of the cask design for completeness of the data and compliance with Russian nuclear materials shipment safety regulations. On the basis of the Russian expert's comments, the cask designer (SKODA JS a.s.) revised the safety justification documents and provided additional data on radiation and nuclear safety and package strength. Then, an application for a Russian Certificate of Approval for SKODA VPVR/M Package Design was prepared and submitted to the Rosatom, a Russian competent authority in the field of nuclear energy. The applicant was FSUE "PA "Mayak" as the consignee of the RR SFAs. The experts of FSUE "RFNC–VNIIEF" and FSUE "SSC RF–IPPE" made all required calculations to justify safety of the cask design under normal and accident transport conditions.

In late 2008 – early 2009, the Russian Certificate of Approval for SKODA VPVR/M Design was extended. Rosatom approved the new Certificate of Approval for SKODA VPVR/M Design RUS/3065/B(U)F-96 (Rev.1) on February 25, 2009. The certificate is valid till July 1, 2011 that corresponds to the period of validity of the Czech Certificate.


Certification of CASTOR MTR2 casks the same as certification of SKODA VPVR/M casks in the RF required to justify package design safety taking into account the requirements of Russian regulatory documents and modify the handling technology for acceptance at Russian facilities. German Certificate D/4315/B(U)F-85 (Rev.7) for the design of CASTOR MTR2 package with SFA of research reactors was issued by German Competent Authority for the period until October 15, 2011.

During 2010 Russian experts reviewed the safety-related documents package prepared by German specialists for completion of the provided safety justifications and compliance with the requirements of the Russian regulatory documents related to radioactive material transport safety. Then the Application for the Certificate for CASTOR MTR2 package design and SFA shipment was submitted to Rosatom on behalf of FSUE "PA Mayak" as a consignee.

Participants of Technical Meeting in Germany (December, 2009)





Nuclear & Enviromental Safety, No. 1, 2011: SKODA VPVR/M casks: certification in Russia and operational experience

Nuclear & Enviromental Safety, No. 1, 2011: Germany: Preparations Completed


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