X International Nuclear Forum "ATOMTRANS-2015"

12 October 2015

In the period of October 5–9 in St. Petersburg X International Nuclear Forum "Safety of Nuclear Technologies: Transport of Radioactive Materials – "ATOMTRANS-2015" took place.

The main purpose of the Forum is to discuss national and international experience, status and prospects of transportation of different types of radioactive materials, relative scientific and technical, legal, social and political aspects of this activity, search of ways to resolve issues of nuclear and radiation safety, physical protection during transportation of radioactive materials.

Sosny R&D Company was one of the official sponsors of the Forum. Specialists of the company participated in the plenary session and sections "National and international experience, prospects of radioactive materials transport, technologies, logistics and means of transport ", "Transport packages" with the following presentations:

First Experience in Developing the Procedure for Liquid Spent Fuel Transport and Reprocessing

Available Reprocessing and Recycling Services for Research Reactor Spent Nuclear Fuel (a New IAEA Report)

Experience in Using Type C Packages for Research Reactor SNF Shipment by Air

Performance Assessment of Spent Fuel Assemblies Removed from Shutdown RBMK-1000 Power Units for Reburning in Operating Power Units

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