The Last Batch of HEU of VVR-K Reactor is Returned to Russia

20 Septeber 2017


On September 19, 2017 Aircraft AN-124-100 with the last batch of HEU SFA from Kazakhstan was landed in Koltzovo Airport. Nuclear fuel of Russian origin operated in VVR-K reactor of the Institute of Nuclear Physics of Kazakhstan Ministry of Energy.

VVR-K is a pool type thermal reactor. It was commissioned in 1967 and used HEU fuel up to the recent years. The reactor conversion to LEU fuel allowed not to use HEU and remove it to the reprocessing plant in the Russian Federation. 

For implementation of the HEU SFA removal project from Kazakhstan specialists of Sosny Company assessed fuel, prepared Transport Plan, developed Technical Specifications for air shipment, obtained Certificate of Approval and other documents.

Within the frame of the last HEU removal in 2017 three shipments were made from Kazakhstan with participation of specialists from Sosny R&D Company, Volga-Dnepr Airlines, Mayak PA, INP and Rosatom. More than 200 kg of HUE was delivered to Russia for reprocessing.

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