Tests of Unique Facility for Carbothermal Synthesis of Mixed U-Pu Nitride Fuel

23 May 2017

On May 19, 2017 the preliminary FAT of the facility of the carbothermal synthesis of nitrides was successfully completed on the site of GKMP Research and Production Company (Machinery and Tools Engineering Group) in Bryansk.  This facility to create new U-Pu nitride fuel for fast nuclear reactors is a significant component of the Fabrication/Refabrication Module created under PRORYV Project at Siberian Chemical Combine JSC in Seversk.

Representatives of the following organizations participated in the tests: Sosny R&D Company, GKMP Research and Production Company, TVEL, SverdNIIkhimmash JSC, Siberian Chemical Combine JSC, VNIINM, ATOMPROEKT, PRORYV Innovation Centre.

The facility was designed and fabricated by Sosny R&D Company and GKMP Research and Production Company withing a shortest period of time: a year and four months. The facility consists of six batch furnaces, product inlets and outlets, gas purification boxes, control system, infrastructure ensuring safe and consistent performance.

Chemical reaction of synthesis of uranium and plutonium oxides into nitrides occurs in electric furnaces at the temperature of 1650 °С in nitrogen atmosphere within two days.  The facility operates continuously in automatic mode. 

Original technical decisions were used during creation of the facility. It testifies to the fact that the facility is unique. 

After successful preliminary FAT the facility will be dismantled and delivered to the Siberian Chemical Combine JSC for final assembling and commissioning as a component of the Fabrication/Refabrication Module.


Tests of Facility for Carbothermal Synthesis

Specialists of Sosny R&D Company assemble the facility (GKMP, May 2017)

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