ROSATOM Letters of Appreciation for the contribution to the successful completion of the Lepse Project

30 December 2021

In 2014–2021 the Sosny R&D Company participated the project on decommissioning of the Lepse Floating Maintenance Base (FMB). The Company's specialists designed, developed and fabricated the equipment for spent nuclear fuel retrieval, trained the Operator's personnel in handling this equipment, and provided the designer's supervision over the activities on spent fuel assemblies retrieval from the caissons and SNF storage tanks. The most of SFAs were successfully retrieved in 2020. In June 2021 the last 19 damaged SFAs remaining in the caissons were retrieved and sent for reprocessing. 

In December 2021 Aleksandr A. Zemskov, Anatolii V. Samosnov, and Ruslan M. Khuzin were awarded the Rosatom Letters of Appreciation.


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