Results of «Engineer of the Year» Competition Announced

06 December 2019

On 5 December 2019, Ulyanovsk held an opening ceremony of XI Business Forum "Business Environment in Russia 2019". The event also awarded diplomas to the winners and participants of the "Engineer of the Year" Competition.

Professional achievements were assessed in two main areas, i.e. "Professional Engineers" for participants with a minimum of 5 years' service in engineering positions, and "Engineering Art of the Youth" for professionals under 30.

In 2019, two Sosny R&D Company staff workers participated in the competition.

Rinat Shamsutdinov, 1st Class Engineer for R&D and Safety Analysis Department is an expert in thermal physics and computational fluid dynamics. He performed a calculational and experimental justification for the basic elements of unique high-temperature equipment for carbothermal synthesis of uranium and plutonium nitrides and sintering of nuclear fuel pellets in various gaseous media at temperatures of up to 2000 °С. The equipment developed and fabricated by Sosny R&D Company forms an integral part of the world's first industrial complex for production of high-density nuclear fuel for generation IV reactors being constructed  at the Siberian Group of Chemical Enterprises (SGChE), Seversk, Russia in compliance with the Strategy for Nuclear Power Development in Russia until 2100. Rinat Shamsutdinov became the winner in the "Engineering Art of the Youth"  nomination and will represent Ulyanovsk region at the national level of the competition.

Andrey Sychugov, 2nd Class Engineer for Process Engineering Department was a contestant in the "Professional Engineers" nomination. He made a significant contribution to the project on decommissioning of the Lepse Floating Maintenance Base (FMB) through participation in developing a unique technology for retrieval of the spent nuclear fuel (SNF) from the Lepse storage tanks and engineering solutions for the dedicated equipment, preparing and conducting comprehensive acceptance tests of the SNF retrieval equipment on Sosny site and in the shelter at the Nerpa ship repair plant, and providing technical support to Atomflot specialists performing hand-on SNF cutting and unloading operations. Dismantlement of the Lepse FMB as a radiation-hazardous facility will improve the environment setting in Murmansk region.

Andrey Sychugov got ROSATOM's award for great personal contribution to organization and implementation of the Lepse decommissioning operations.



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