Preparation for Retrieval of Non-Conforming Spent Fuel Assemblies from Lotta Storage Tanks

01 June 2020

Under contract with FSUE Atomflot, the Sosny R&D Company has successfully completed design and fabrication of equipment for handling non-conforming spent nuclear fuel stored on the service ship Lotta.

The main objective of the work is to retrieve non-conforming SFAs from the Lotta storage tanks and prepare them for shipping to a reprocessing plant.

Sosny experts developed a program of non-conforming spent fuel inspection in the Lotta storage tanks; developed, fabricated, and delivered the inspection equipment; developed a plan for the Lotta spent fuel retrieval, handling, transfer, and loading into casks; participated in the inspection of the non-conforming SFAs in compliance with the program developed and using the equipment delivered; elaborated technical documents (an operating procedure, a safety analysis report, special delivery conditions); developed detailed design documentation for the spent fuel retrieval and preparation equipment (baskets, canisters, auxiliary equipment, and tools).

The equipment for handling the Lotta SNF was fabricated at Sosny’s Pilot Production Facility. At the end of May 2020, the equipment was delivered to the customer after successful acceptance tests.




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