Last Batch of Spent Fuel Removed from Lepse Service Ship

25 July 2020

On 19 July 2020, the Nerpa shipyard engaged in decommissioning of the  Lepse service ship completed the removal of the bulk of the spent nuclear fuel. The last of six batches of the spent fuel was transferred to the Serebryanka motor ship. In total, 620 spent fuel assemblies were retrieved; the plans are to remove the 19 damaged SFAs remaining in the caissons in 2021.

 Unique in engineering solutions and funded by the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, the project involved professionals from ROSATOM State Nuclear Energy Corporation, Kurchatov Institute, the Federal Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety, Atomflot, the Nerpa shipyard, and other enterprises.

 The Sosny R&D Company fabricated a set of equipment for retrieval of the spent nuclear fuel from the Lepse service ship, storage of liquid radioactive waste, equipment and baskets for the spent fuel shipping, as well as life support, process, and emergency alarm equipment and systems for the shelter. In 2018, Sosny specialists participated in installation, debugging, and testing of the equipment and systems for the shelter, as well as in the acceptance tests of the SNF handling equipment. Also, Sosny organized training for the Atomflot and Nerpa personnel in hands-on operations and provided continuous technical assistance during the retrieval of the spent fuel from the storage tanks.



Transferring the spent fuel in the container using the equipment fabricated by Sosny R&D Company (source: 


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