Festival of Science in Ulyanovsk Region

09 February 2018

February 8 is the Day of Russian Science. The Festival of Science in Ulyanovsk region that has been held for the eighth time is timed to coincide with that day. Within the Festival, Dimitrovgrad Engineering and Technological Institute of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (DETI MEPhI) ran an international conference "Science and Technologies in Nuclear Cluster in Dimitovgrad".

DETI MEPhI students, postgraduates and lecturers participated in the conference. Among the attendees were foreign visitors, representatives of IBA Company, Belgium, who have assisted Russian experts in putting into operation the proton accelerator in the Center of Medical Radiology. The conference addressed development of the Nuclear Innovation Cluster (NIC) in Dimitrovgrad, training of personnel for the NIC, issues of reactor material testing and medical physics, ecology, and energy conservation.

Sosny R&D Company took part in the conference as a company that has a long history of furnishing services and products for all stages of the nuclear fuel cycle for many years. Boris A. Kanashov, a leading expert for IT group, made a presentation of the equipment developed and fabricated by Sosny R&D Company for nuclear industry.

 It is designed for fabrication of new-generation nuclear fuel, preparation of spent nuclear fuels (SNF) for transportation, and radiochemical reprocessing of thermal and fast neutron reactor SNF. The presentation also featured the casks and shipping equipment designed by Sosny for SNF transportation, as well as developments in radioactive waste management and radiation-hazardous facilities decommissioning. 

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